The TrueShore Story

Created by doctors for doctors

A Survival Story

Change is not an option. It is a necessity.

TrueShore was created in 2012 responding to the need of our own medical practice. 

We needed to change our existing model to survive in a changing healthcare environment. Patient experience had to be elevated, to make it possible in a world of decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs, drastic change was in order.

We poured more than thirty years of experience in the industry and designed a set of solutions to unburden our practice of the day-to-day activities that drained our in-house operation. 

The new model gave us the ability to focus in what we did best: being doctors. 

We innovated with purpose and found a better way that gave us agility by reducing costs and modernizing technology.

TrueShore allowed our medical practice not only to do better, but to be better.

Once we saw the staggering results in our own operation the next step was clear and we made our proven model available to forward-thinking peers. 

Our difference is that we go beyond support, our aim is to help you advance and excel. 

We have made processes smarter, people more productive, business more profitable and systems more powerful.

We know it is time for a change.

Join us in making experiences more exceptional.

Our shared principles

Guiding us in our mission to provide a customer experience which is elite in nature and introducing all the modern and future technological advancements that are available. Our employees are like family and they are inspired to be the best they can be. We anticipate the needs of our clients and provide a world class service.

We provide a comprehensive training process that supports the consistent application of positive customer service focused behaviors. This includes structured follow up, supportive coaching, internal and external focus. Attitudes, motives, and values are constantly reinforced in a positive way.

Customer first

This mantra is embedded into our organizations DNA. This requires a top down approach. We employ several CCO’s (Chief Customer Officers) to ensure a top notched experience. We educate our employees about the impact that changes in business policies have for our customers. We motivate and educate our employees by sharing exceptional customer service experiences.

Our mantra is to deliver to our customers a “white glove” experience which is the only way to drive efficiencies and to build a business. It’s our core value and will drive Trueshore for many years to come”.

Our Founders

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of EliteHealth, over the last 25 years, Dr. Steven Schnur has evolved his company from a fee-for-service, traditional practice to a management service organization specializing in Medicare Advantage risk contracting. With a patient base of over 30,000 his healthcare model of the future has continued to attract new health plans, new providers…

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Chief Operating Officer

As the COO of EliteHealth for the last 25 years, Dr. Perry Krichmar has streamlined operations and been involved in the implementation of all new healthcare facilities. Utilizing up-to-date healthcare delivery systems, Dr. Krichmar has instituted a value-based healthcare approach, increasing quality across the board. He has succeeded in growing EliteHealth’s managed care population exponentially,…

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Our Team

Shaped by a diverse group of exceptional people working together to create a better way with you.

Implementations Manager

Indhira Paulino has been with Trueshore since 2014. She has played a key role in client implementation and internal LMS platforms. Prior to joining Trueshore Indhira spent 5 years in the Call Center industry managing different customer service environments and social media platforms.

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Chief Information Officer

Yunier is in charge of our entire information system architecture managing all our IT network. He evaluates, organizes, plans and controls all our data operations. He is also in charge of designing and coordinating new systems, policies and procedures and ensuring continuous connectivity while ,maintaining information backed up and secure. Yunier manages new employee recruitment,…

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Marketing Director

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